“But I Don’t Need It.”

Every time I got into a store that sells makeup, I see the new things for Spring 2016 and I get excited that the new things I’ve seen all over youtube are finally here, but then I think to myself: “but I don’t need it.”

It’s a strange thing for me to say to myself and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Now that it’s the end of the month, and the end of my supposed no buy, I wonder what will happen next month. The itch to buy things is just not really present anymore, which is a good thing, but I still find myself thinking that that new liquid lipstick might be amazing and that new brow product could be really great. But then I walk away.

I still have not had the conversation with myself about where I want my collection to be and what is going to happen for the rest of the year, but that needs to happen soon. it’s already the 29th!

So, I’m going to mull over this for the next little bit and make my decisions.


Current Set-Up and Vanity

Current Set-Up

So this is my current vanity area set up. I’m super not happy with it, but it functions. the photos were taken towards the beginning of the month so there’s a bunch of things in the drawers and whatnot that I no longer have or will be getting rid of.

My current set-up is a lovely wood desk with a three shelve overhand thing. Getting super technical here. I bought it off kijiji for around 50$ when I lived in my old place because I wanted a desk. It served its purpose well there, but when I moved it was the only thing that would actually fit in my bedroom so it was forced to become my vanity.

As you can see from the pictures, it’s cluttered. I have a good portion of my lipsticks right onto, which I like as I can see them as well as use them more often. I also have a container thing that I keep my daily use products in. Most of the acrylic storage I have comes from Solutions, except for the small cube containers. Those are from the dollar store.

On the second shelf is my envelope organizer from Staples where I keep my depotted palettes and MAC palette. In the middle is a small sample of my nail polish collection. On the right is a gorgeous cupcake stand with roses on it from a store since closed down. t was 15$ and the most adorable thing ever so it came home with me. I keep my Anna Sui lipsticks as well as other fancy, pretty products on it. It mostly just collects dust up there, which is a crying shame.

To the left of the desk is my 5 drawer Ikea Alex drawer, which is beautiful. In my desk I have some random beauty things in a few of the drawers, which is annoying because I never go into any of them. On the right-hand side are my brushed and mirror. Otherwise known as the part I most hate. I keep bumping my chair into the jars and they threaten to fall almost daily. It’s a nuisance.

So there you have it. A quick overview of my current set-up which, in case you couldn’t tell, I dislike. Not enough space on top, hate the shelves, not well organized, mostly just a fail.

Future Setup

The plan for the new vanity is the Ikea Alex top with two Alex drawers as the legs. I think I want the on top piece thing too, but I need to see it in person first. The desk would be moved into the living room and I will be happy. I’m thinking of getting a new mirror to hand on the wall with lights on the side. Pipedreams.

If you made it this far, congrats! Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow. Vi ses!


My introduction, my current state of affairs and my plans for the future.

If you have just stumbled upon my blog, welcome. Welcome to the madness, the craziness that is my hobby and collection. Sit down, buckle up and grab the popcorn. I feel like this is going to be a long ride.

First things first, my name is Helena. I am a 22-year-old makeup addict from a small country town just outside the capital of Canada. I was raised with an older brother by my two lovely parents in the country surrounded by corn(depending on the year).

My makeup addiction started around 4 years ago, when I moved into the city to live with my grandmother. I suffered(and still do) from acne pretty severely, especially around my lower cheeks. I was incredibly self-conscious about it growing up but somehow never got into doing anything more than washing my face and applying some topical cream until I moved to the city. Something changed in my perceptions of myself, which had been happening for awhile, but really came to a head then.

Looking back now, I realize how unhappy and uncomfortable I was with my body and face. It sucks, but I’ve accepted that and now have learned to love myself, in part because of makeup. It was a slow process of learning what to buy and how to use it, but it made me realize that I could actually be pretty.

My downfall with makeup was seeing Shoppers selling discounted products at the end caps and in little displays. I bought so much stuff because I wanted to try them and they were so much cheaper than they originally were! So much money saved! Of course, now I know that’s not true, but I can convince myself of anything.

Now, onto the positive. I bought an Ikea Alex drawer about a year and it has made a world of difference for organizing things. I am happy with the size of my collection, except for my lipsticks. I really need to pare that down. But otherwise, it is good. I have destashed and given away or thrown out a ton of stuff that was either terrible, not the right colour for me, poor formula or just something I had a billion similar things.

I started the destashing process somewhere around 5 or 6 months ago, before I moved in with my lovely boyfriend. I have also stopped purchasing stuff because it is cheap and really discounted. I have ways of convincing myself to walk away, which work rather well. I am doing better and going through my collection and getting rid of things that I don’t truly love.

The future

As of right now, I am on a no buy for January. I’m a poor student and have very little money at the end of the month that must go to paying off my line of credit, which was used for my tuition. Being in debt is terrible and I need to control my spending. January is my trial month. I haven’t finalised my plan for the rest of the year, but at the end of the month, I aim to have a real plan ready. No buy, low buy, whatever the case may be, I need a plan.

I also plan on posting my official collection with photos. I want to write reviews for my products to see if I really like them or not, which is something I struggle with. I need to really see what actually looks good on me and how it lasts. By the end of the day, I just want it off without actually paying attention to what is still there.

So there you have it. A bit of who I am and where things stand. Now let me go stare at my pretty makeup…