January No Buy: Results


Well, almost. I have not bough tany makeup from Sephora or Shoppers or Recall. I did get 3 things from Colorpop since my coworker was ordering some things, so I did sort of fail. But I’m counting this as a victory.

I started the month thinking that there was no way I could do it, but the fact that I had to pay my own tuition as well as leftover Christmas things really helped. Even when I went shopping with a friend for display makeup, I didn’t buy a thing.

As I’ve said before, I donb know how long I want to keep it up for, but I know I will cave eventually. I’m thinking of a low buy right now because I still want to buy stuff and try new things but at my own pace. A slow pace.

So here’s to 1/12 of the year being purchase free! How’re your resolutions going?


January 2016 Favourites

And it’s now the beginning of a new month. Somehow. Where did January go? I had so many plans and did next to none of them. But now it’s a new month. So here are my favourites!

First one would be Tarte’s blush in Prim, from the 2015 holiday blush palette. It’s wonderful and beautiful and great and the best and all the other wonderful adjectives. Perfect for every day and all other days of the week.

Second would be the Sonia Kashu Eye On Neutral 02 palette, the matte one. I’ve been really liking it as a supplement to any other eyeshadow palette I use, especially he darkest cool toned brown shade. Perfection.

Thirdly, I have rediscovered my fave mascara combo, Josie Maran’s Black Oil mascara and Urban Decay’s Perversion mascara. Together, they make my lashed look stupendous and long and full and great and I have missed this combo oh so much as I used the rest of my mascara’s for the past few months. Here’s to 6 months of great lashes!

And that’s all folks. These are the things I keep going back to at the moment and the one’s that come to mind easily. Expect to see Prim in all my favourites, if I keep it up. I see no reason why I would stop loving it. You’ll have to pry it from my cold dead hands before I stop using it.