January No Buy: Results


Well, almost. I have not bough tany makeup from Sephora or Shoppers or Recall. I did get 3 things from Colorpop since my coworker was ordering some things, so I did sort of fail. But I’m counting this as a victory.

I started the month thinking that there was no way I could do it, but the fact that I had to pay my own tuition as well as leftover Christmas things really helped. Even when I went shopping with a friend for display makeup, I didn’t buy a thing.

As I’ve said before, I donb know how long I want to keep it up for, but I know I will cave eventually. I’m thinking of a low buy right now because I still want to buy stuff and try new things but at my own pace. A slow pace.

So here’s to 1/12 of the year being purchase free! How’re your resolutions going?


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