2016 Plan

This is the big post. My year(ish) long plan.

Here we go.

The whole point of starting this blog and 2016 is to take control of my spending and my makeup collection. Stop buying stuff I won’t use just because it’s cheap, buying because I’m stressed or any other excuse.

So far so good. I’ve managed to successfully do 2 months of a low buy and I can say that I’ve had four shopping trips where I’ve bought makeup his year. Now, not to say I haven’t gone looking at makeup, cause that would be about 100 times at least. But I have been able to say no, even to new things. I can recognize the feelings of want while rationally talking myself out of things. I can think back to review videos and demos and really think if that product would work well in my collection. Most of the time it has been rather easy, though I do have my moments of lapse. A couple Shoppers trips could have been much cheaper but you have to mess up sometime.

So, onto the important stuff.

2016 = Low Buy

I want to keep my shopping limited, so I’ve given myself limits and maximum shopping trips. I am allowed to purchase drugstore makeup once a month. And not on one day only, but only once at one store. I may bend the rule if I see something I need somewhere else, but I will try to avoid that.

Sephora is a little trickier. I’m going to set three official times I can buy, and one sort of vague season. The 15% off sale in April is the first. No real limit, though I would like to spend less than 300$ taxes in. I do need to get a foundation or two as well as some other things and there are new things I want to get and it will be just before exams, so it’s a reward to myself.

Second is my birthday. No limit as of yet, I’ll how much I want to spend and how much I have saved by that point.

Third one is the 20% off sale in December, again, no clue what my limit is.

The other option I have is the vague season. Otherwise known as the holiday 2016 season. Things start to go up in September and I will allow myself to buy whatever my heart desires, but with the voice at the back of my head reminding of all I have learned. I won’t buy it unless I really have a need for it or it’s too good of a deal to pass up. I tend to do the bulk of my purchasing at this point in the year so I’m okay with keeping no budget for this.

Of course, all of this depends on my financial situation. If I don’t gots the money I don’t gots the money. So far this has been working out well so I can only hope it continues.

I do want to pan more products, especially my powder products. I’ve managed to pan few so far and  have a few more with just a bit left so this goal will be easy. I really need to downsize my eyeshadows so these will go hand in hand.

I also want to get a good vanity set up going. That will happen when I move in August and I make a trip to Ikea. I just have to hold out with my  current set-up, no matter how much I dislike it. I can do it.

And that’s it. Low buy, once a month drugstore trip and 3 planned Sephora trips. Pan a whole bunch of things and continue paring down the collection.

Easy peasy!


The Great January Lipstick Purge

It was time. After complaining to myself for the umpteenth time about how many lipsticks I had, I finally went through everything. Which I’ve done before but I’ve always kept things even when I know I have better dupes because I could find a reason. The Sonia Kashuk red that looks like all my other reds? But I can’t get Sonia Kashuk anymore! Those pretty NYX ones? They’re dupes for other high-end lipsticks! I always had an excuse as to why I wanted to keep them but I have finally quieted down the lipstick demon. Well, I still have over 150 lip products, but still. Continuous improvement.

In the first picture is lip glosses and liquid lipstick type things. I’m not a fan of lipgloss in general, especially this time of year. Generally to sheer, too sticky and too others things that are bad.

As for the lipsticks, they are either full on actual dupes or just colours I don’t use or sheer lipsticks. Some of them are really great, but in general, they’re cheaper drugstore stuff that I just don’t ever use. No point in keeping things that just won’t ever get used.

So there will be passed on to friends or sold or disposed of. Goodbye pretty lip colours.

February Low Buy: Results

It’s official.

I’m on a low-buy.

Look out for more on that in my upcoming 2016 plan. I’ll write that at some point soon. I hope.

Onto the results!

I only bought 4 things, which you can see in my recent haul. Didn’t cost too much, but still. Did I really need those things? Not really, though I do love the Make Me Brow. That shit’s good.

Otherwise, I did really well. I only bought something on one occasion and managed to resist at all the other opportunities. Score one for me.

So this was a successful month, hopefully the first of many more.

Review: Mini Mint Palettes

My first Review! And it’s not even makeup…

But it is related!

I’m going to kick off my collection reviews with some of my favourite things. My MiniMint Palettes.

You can purchase them here.

MiniMint Palettes are essentially just like the famous Z palettes you here about. An empty palette with a magnetic base you can stop all sorts of depotted products. The unique part is how they are made. They are all handmade by the owner with each palette having a unique design. About once a week or so she will post 10 palettes and when they are gone, they are gone. They come in 3 different sizes; the Mini Square that is 3×3, the Mint Square that is 4×4 and the MiniMint that is 6×4.

The gist of this post is: I love these.

I bought my first one, the larger blue one, because I wanted to depot my Benefit blush palette from 2014. It was reasonably priced and the perfect size. Then I got the smallest one because I wanted something to store my everyday favourites. The I got my third so I had something to travel with.

All three are made with the same quality and are durable and easy to clean. I’ve had my first for almost a year and still looks brand new.

The sizes are also fairly good. They fit all I really want to fit into them and are easy to store.

Ordering from them was easy peasy and generally pretty fast, takes about 2 weeks to reach me here in Ottawa. It is shipped in a bubble mailer with lots and lots of bubble wrap. Very sturdy and secure.

Something unique is that you also get a little stamp card that when you fill out with 10 stamps(one for each palette) you get 1 free! I’m slowly working on that. She also adds some cute extras, like stickers or earrings or false lashes.

If you’ve wanted a Z palette but wanted something a little smaller, these are perfect for you. Cute, portable and durable, these palettes are the perfect addition to your collection.

Show Me That Pan

Powder products last forever, am I right? Which means that to finish one, it will a billion years. But there is hope! You can hit pan, even if the pan doesn’t get bigger for months, it’s a step. So here are the products that I’ve hit pan on.


Smashbox Contour Palette- Highlight shade

This was really easy to hit pan on since the shade is so powdery. It’s nice, but not life-changing but I still need to play wit it more.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed- Opal(deluxe size)

I hit pan on this awhile ago and I’ve been trying to get to the end of it for awhile. I really like it, but it looks better on me in the summer when I’m a bit darker. Love the formula though.

Stila- Bliss(from the In The Light palette)

Perfect crease shade, absolutely wonderful. I will miss it when it goes, but I have a billion similar shades. I’ll live.


So, I have hit pan on 4 things. Hopefully I will be done with them by the end of the year and have hit pan on so many more things but we shall see. Time will tell.

Haul: Essence

So in February, I spent a bit of money on makeup. I’m talking 10$, but that’s still something. Was it a bad choice? Yup, definitely. Do I regret some of it? Yes. Am I going to beat myself up over it? Not a chance.


Here they are in all their glory. So impressive, am I right?

The first two things are pretty similar so I’ll talk about them together. They’re both colours correctors, one for dark circles(the peach one on the left) and one for redness(the green one on the right). I like the idea of both of them and really want to learn the whole colour correcting craze that’s popular right now, but I don’t think these will help. They’re both thick and don’t blend very well and don’t seem to mesh well with something on top of them. So not too impressed so far.

Next is the Liquid Lipstick on the bottom right. No clue what the colour name is, the bottle has nothing on it. Shitty packaging choice Essence. It’s more of a thick gloss than a liquid lipstick and does not dry down. Pretty colour, but just very average and boring product. I knew I wouldn’t like it when I saw it first, and I did manage to resist it once, but now I know.

The last product is the Make Me Brow.  Also known as my favourite new thing. This is what I wanted the L’Oreal Brow Stylist to do. It’s small, dark and actually gives your brow some oumf. And your brows feel so soft with it. This had better become part of the core collection because it is fantastic. I need 20 of them. The only downside to it is that there are only 2 shades so far, so if you’re not either an ashy blonde or a dark brunette, you’re screwed. But, I do believe this is a dupe for the Benefit Gimme Brow and I think that may come in more colours.

So not a complete fail, but the brow mascara is the only thing saving it. I love how cheap Essence products are but that makes it so much more tempting when I see their displays. It’s hard to resist when it’s just so cheap. I’m working on it.