April 2016 Round Up

So, April happened. I think. It was kind of a blur of exams and studying and working full time the last two weeks.

I did do a lot of shopping during the month, though the biggest was my planned Sephora haul during the sale week. The others were small things here and there and I’m moving past them.

This month I’ll get back on the train and focus more on the blog. I am going to be moving in July, which is ridiculously soon so I need to get through as many products as possible so I can move with the least amount of stuff.

I am making good progress on some skin care stuff, I currently have a moisturizer and face primer that have been scrapped clean into little jars, as well as an acne product I finished up the same way. So go me.

All in all, April was not my best month, but that only means that I have room to improve and I’m going to do it.


Lipstick Collection

I did it. I swatched my whole lip collection. It took me a long time, and a couple of tries, but here it is. This post just has the swatches on my arm in different lights and angles, jut to give you an idea o what I have and what colours I gravitate towards to. It’s pretty obvious. Later on, I will try and do reviews or at least some kind of colour collection or something. I’m still thinking about it. Onto the swatches! Continue reading “Lipstick Collection”