Collective Haul: April+May+June 2016


I bought a surprising amount in late April early May. To0 many new shiny things and really good sales and perks. Overall, pretty good choices with only a few flops and lots of free stuff. Check it out! Continue reading “Collective Haul: April+May+June 2016”


13 By Halloween Challenge

Found on Lauren Mae Beauty

Something different, but along the lines of what I’ve been doing for the past 6 months or so. A real project!

The challenge is to either use up, hit pan, or just actively use 13 products, with the end date being Halloween. I have a few good mix of things, but definitely a good challenge for myself.

Here are my products!

IMG_1985IMG_19868. Oldest Item in your collection: Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue in Tearose 02

I got this when my mum was still working at Shoppers, so I got it with the employee discount. Which means that was around 4 or 5 years ago. It’s pretty and I really like it but I have to use this.

Goal: Hit pan

IMG_198715. Something in a previous project pan: Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Powder 100 Translucent

While technically not in a project pan, since I haven’t actually done one yet, but I have been actively using this. I like it, but I would definitely get something that has some actual colour in it.

Goal: Use up completely

IMG_198816. New item in your collection: MUFE Step 1 Mattifying Primer

Love this, will use it almost every day. I just got this yesterday, but I did get it in the smaller size, since the last one I had got a little difficult to use by the end, but it was a touch old and sat for awhile while I used other products.

Goal: Use consistently

IMG_198917. Something fun: Aromaleigh Loose Eyeshadow in Valhalla

I’ve straight up never used this. I dislike loose eyeshadow  with a passion but it’s such a pretty colour!

Goal: Use actively

IMG_199018. Something purple: Aromaleigh Loose Eyeshadow in Carina

Same as above, but it’s in a plastic baggie. I can’t wait for this to be gone.

Goal: Use up completely

IMG_199119. Lip product: Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in F-Bomb

I love this, it’s fantastic, I want more. But it’s a red lipstick and I have a billion of them so I want it to go.

Goal: Use up completely

IMG_199223. Item that was a gift: MUFE Nudes You Need Eyeshadow Palette

I love this palette, the eyeshadows are great and it will be a sad day when I use up one of the shadows. This was a gift from the boyfriend for some reason I can’t remember anymore, but it’s fantastic.

Goal: Use actively

IMG_199326. Something from an “indie” brand: Aromaleigh Rouge in Lady Perseverance

Another loose product and another blush. It’s a pretty colour but I need to use it.

Goal: Use actively

IMG_199428. Something glittery: Stila Kitten

Holy grail status highlighter eyeshadow. But, I have a lot of shimmery light eyeshadows so I want to use this up and move onto the next. I will purchase a single of this when I accomplish that.

Goal: Use up completely

IMG_199529. Full sized item: Lancome Color Design in Pink Preview(Matte)

Hands down one of my favourite pink lipsticks, though it’s not completely matte. Not sure if you can still buy this colour since I bought it at Winners, but here’s hoping.

Goal: Use actively

IMG_199633. Chapstick/Lip Balm: Lip Healthy Overnight Renewal Therapy

I bought this when my lips started dying a couple years ago and I barely used it. It didn’t help when my lips were incredibly chapped, but it’s really nice for everyday use now.

Goal: Use up completely

IMG_199736. Item in your favorite color: The Balm Instain Blush in Pinstripe

Fun fact, I just opened it and the pan came out.So, that’s annoying. Favourite colour, favourite blush formula, I just hope I can have a little bit of use showing up at the end.

Goal: Use actively

IMG_199844. Something pink: Urban Decay Vice 4 in Fast Ball

It’s really pretty and sparkly but has a lot of fallout and doesn’t show up as nicely on the eyes.

Goal: Hit pan

And that’s it! 13 products I want to use consistently between now and Halloween. I hope I can accomplish most of this list, though it will take a ton of work.

Here are the swatches for each product(colour ones that is).All different colours and tones, no real overlaps so that makes it easy. And if you want to do this, the whole list of possible categories are down below. Bolded are the ones I got. I used a random number generator to pick mine.

Possible Categories:
1. Item of your choice
2. Product in a palette
3. Deluxe sized item
4. Item in a color you don’t normally wear
5. Drugstore item
6. Highend Item
7. Cream product
8. Oldest Item in your collection
9. Perfume
10. Once of your most expensive items
11. Something hyped up on Youtube
12. Item from your favorite brand
13. Loose powder product
14. Something your have already hit pan on
15. Something in a previous project pan
16. New item in your collection
17. Something fun
18. Something purple
19. Lip product
20. Something you are loving now
21. Something you regret purchasing
22. Something you have never used before
23. Item that was a gift
24. Product with beautiful packaging
25. Something in a stick/tube
26. Something from an “indie” brand
27. Matte Product
28. Something glittery
29. Full sized item
30. Nail Polish
31. Single Eyeshadow
32. Bronzer
33. Chapstick/Lip Balm
34. Something shimmery
35. Item you have a love/hate relationship with
36. Item in your favorite color
37. Maybelline item
38. Tarte item
39. Urban Decay item
40. Sample product
41. Something you haven’t used in over 1 year
42. Everyday staple item
43. A neutral colored item
44. Something pink
45. Skincare item
46. Highlighter
47. Face primer
48. Something you want to buy a full size of/repurchase
49. 6 perfume samples
50. A product you dislike
51. Something orange

Show Me That Pan: Update #2

There’s a lot of stuff this time around. Nothing completely gone yet, but this progress is stupendous!

First up are the two powder foundations from NYX and Maybelline. Both are just okay but I really want to see them go.

Next is a bigger pan on my Smashbox Contour Trio on the highlight shade. It’s lovely, but I’ll be glad to see it gone.

Up next is the Stila highlight from some random palette. It’s okay, I just want to prove to myself that I can finish a full-size highlighter. I will say, it’s much smaller than most highlighters, but I can convince myself otherwise.

Second to last is the Becca Afterglow Palette, with Moonstone being almost gone. SO excited to see it gone! I love it, but the colour matches my skin a bit too well which is personally not my look fo highlighters. I like to be glowing from space, not just the next country.

Last are the eyeshadows. Considerably more pan on the matte white and matte taupe colours and maybe a smidge more on Stila Kitten. The one in the corner, a shimmery burgundy purple is kind of a cheat. I accidentally smushed my fingernail into it while depotting it, I think, so the pan that is seen is not from my actual use, but I am trying to use it up and get more pan showing.

That’s 9 pans showing. Look at me go!

May Look Back


I may have fallen off the horse. School and work, the usual excuses, have been kicking my butt and it’s been hotter than Satan’s balls out, so I haven’t been as good as I should have been. Plus, lots of things were either super flashy new or restock of something pretty.

I’m going to use the excuse of finishing up a lot of products and hitting pan on a ton of things, so that excuses my bad month. But overall it was good. Seemed to drag on and never end, but I also don’t remember what I did during the month.

Nevertheless, I’ll sort it out and get better. I have a bunch of posts I’m working on, even one where I destahed a bunch of eyeshadows! Keep your eye open for that!