My Collection: Eyeshadows

Welcome to my first collection post. I’m starting off with me eyeshadow collection, including singles, palettes, depotted shadows and cream shadows. Continue reading “My Collection: Eyeshadows”


Check In: August 2016

I sat down at my vanity earlier and went through my eyeshadows and other products and destashed a bunch of things. Eyeshadows went to the trash because they’re depotted and no one would want then and the rest is in my “to sell or to trash” drawer. All of this to say, I have something to write about today.

Way back in February or so I participated in an activity thread on r/MakeupRehab and posted my inventory with numbers. I realized I never posted that number here since I’m still working on updating my inventory and getting it to where I want it to be. So today, I will be telling you my inventory through numbers! Continue reading “Check In: August 2016”