Monday Mask: Dr. Jart+ Brightening Infusion Hydrogel Mask

img_2160It’s a Monday mask! A couple months ago I tried to do  mask everyday, which didn’t really work out, but I did like the idea of testing and reviewing mask. So Monday Mask was born!

Our first mask is the Dr. Jart+ Brightening Infusion Hydrogel Mask. This is the first hydrogel mask I’ve ever used after hearing about them for so long. It’s very different than the paper masks I’m used to, especially since this came in two parts. On bigger part for the top 3/4 of the face and a smaller one for below the nose.

Do I look like a serial killer enough?


As for the fit, I had no problems with it that I normally wouldn’t have. Most never fit perfectly, but with this one I didn’t feel like it would poke me in the eye or drip into it. It had no real smell that I could sense, but don’t take my word for it since I have very little sense of smell.

It claims to boost dull and lackluster skin, bathing it in hydrators and brightening actives and immediately restores youthful glow.img_2163

Do I really find it did much? Not really. It takes a few minutes after taking it off for the essence to sink in, but even then it still feels rather sticky. It does feel hydrated, just with this sort of film on it. I’m hoping it sinks in after a while.

Would I repurchase? I did find this at Winners for 5.99$ CAD vs 9$ CAD at Sephora, so if I found more at Winners I would consider it. It is rather expensive for a one time use product, especially since I don’t see much of a difference, but I do have another one to try so maybe it’ll work better the second time.

As a side note, I did notice the next day that my skin did look a little brighter, so it does work ever so slightly.

Thanks for reading, let me know if you’ve ever tried this mask and what you thought. Or, recommend me some hydrogel masks that really work!


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