Show Me That Pan #3

img_2176Not much of an update this time, I am afraid. Only one thing is gone, Stila’s Kitten. Very sad to see that one gone but I will repurchase in the future. Other than that, lots of progress but still lots of product left.

First up is the bronzer shade in the Smashbox Contour Palette. A little bit more pan is showing, but I have put it aside to focus on others in my collection.

Second is the Colorpop Super Shock Cheek Highlighter in Lunch Money. I love the colour and the formula is great, I just dislike cream formulas.

Third is the most exciting thing to have ever happened to my makeup collection. I hit pan on a blush! Granted, I did use it as an eyeshadow a few times which helped hit pan, but still. I did it!

Last is my little eyeshadow palette. Four of the shadows have been there for a while, but the new one if the pink shade from the Urban Decay Vice 4. It’s in a project currently so I am so happy to have hit pan on it.

And there you have it. As I said, not too much change, but a few more pans than before which is progress well made.

Have you hit pan on anything new? Panned anything yet? Let me know!


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