6 Beauty Resolutions For 2017

New year, new you, right? Eh, not really. New year, vaguely better you. Now that’s my jam.

I’ve made a lot of progress this year and have some big sights for 2017. A lot of my bad habits have been improved on in the second half of the year, though I still have a lot of work to do. I’ve spent the past few weeks mulling over what I want to accomplish beauty-wise for 2017 and I think I have a solid list.

  1. No-Buy: I actually want to do this and stick to it! It seemed like either a really scary thing or something super easy to do. I think I tried to do it in January and did sort of okay, but I think I am in a bit of a better place mentally now, so I feel like I can stick to it. I want to do it officially till September 1st, because all the holiday stuff will start releasing then, but I found myself not really caring about most stuff this year so I hope it will be the same next year.
  2. Project 100 Pan: This is huge and awesome and terrifying, but I believe in myself. I actually had a lot of fun seeing how many things I panned and the massive amount of progress I made throughout the year, so a huge pan project from January to December would be really cool. I gave myself a mix of hard things and easy things so I’m hoping that will help things along.
  3. Stop impulse buying: I have mostly taken care of this problem, especially at the drugstore, but I need to work on this at Sephora during the big sales. I can save a lot more than 20% if I only buy what I actually need.
  4. Buy only necessities: Along with the no-buy, I want to only buy things I actually run out of. No buying backups because I want to try something new when I have a bunch of perfectly good ones to finish first. But, if I finish the last of something and have no other alternatives, I can purchase away!
  5. Invest in my skin: As much as my skin has made a lot of improvements, I still have a long way to go. This goal is as much just using the stuff that I have on a consistent basis to paying more money for better products. I want good skin dammit.
  6. Put more effort into the blog: It’s something I wanted to do all year and I keep saying I’ll post more often, but starting in January I will actually have more time to put into this and a lot more ideas. I’d love to get a good camera too, but that’s a whole other story.

Do you have any beauty resolutions for 2017? Let me know in the comments below.


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