Small Hoarding Tendencies

I figured I should have at least something up here today and what better thing to talk about than hoarding things!

I will fully admit to having hoarding tendencies, I blame my father for that. Hoarding books is a-okay in my mind, but hoarding makeup is starting to become something I’m less willing to accept. I realize that I have no intentions of having a small collection with the bare necessities, I like variety and would not be happy with only one or two options for each category. But that doesn’t mean I need to own everything in the universe and having a lot of one particular thing means I only use a small portion of what I have.

My efforts over the past few years have meant that I have almost halved my collection, I believe. I will do a post in the future with hardcore numbers, so look out for that. Today, I want to give you guys some numbers of things I have a lot of. Like skin care, for instance. I have 54 skin care products alone. 6 of them are foil packets, 22 are deluxe size samples and 26 full-size items. And that doesn’t count what I’ve already finished up this year as part of my empties and Project 100 Pan. Do I need all of them? No, definitely not. Will I get rid of them? No way!

Luckily skincare is something that can be used up fairly quickly if I remember to use them every day, but makeup is a little harder. I have at least 12 lip products in my Project 100 Pan, but I have 45 lip products all together. And those take a billion years to use up. Granted, that’s a far cry from the well over 200 I used to have(or was it 300?) but it’s still a lot.

I suppose the silver lining here is that I enjoy using these products and they make me feel good. I just wished there were a few less of them! Of course, I may make it to the end of the year and think the exact opposite, but only time will tell. What about you, do you hoard makeup and skincare items? Or have you found the perfect balance for you? Let me know in the comments.


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