February 2017 Empties

Another month done, a bunch more products finished up!

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2016 Sephora Purchases Look Back

Someone recently asked people on r/makeuprehab to look back at their purchases for the holiday 216 period and reflect on what they bought and what happened to the items. I thought that would be a really cool idea, but I thought it might be even better to look back on all my purchases from Sephora from July 2016, since the website will only go that far back. It’s good to reflect on what you’ve spent your money on and where is it now, just to think a little bit more critically about where your money is going.

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Project 100 Pan: March Update

Looking back at my last update, it was a really snowy week. Guess what? It’s still snowing like crazy. We had a lovely week a couple weeks ago and then it went back to being cold and snowy. I can’t wait for April and at least a small semblance of spring.

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Imaginary Challenge: Bare Necessities

If you’re not singing the jungle book song, shame on you. I hope it gets stuck in your head for hours.

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