Aspirational Makeup

I’m sure you’ve heard these words thrown around together lately, but what do they really mean? The makeup you aspire to have? The makeup you aspire to be?

Well, I am here to tell you that’s it’s a fraud.

Aspirational makeup is the makeup we buy and purchase for the type of person or makeup wearer we want to be rather who we actually are. For some people, it’s the bright colourful eyeshadow that we want to rock to work, for others, it’s the light coverage foundation we will wear when we finally have our skin under control.

So basically, it’s the makeup for the person we aspire to be, rather than the person we actually are. I will step up to the plate and be the first person to admit my faults(prepare people, I have many).

I am the person who bought the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix palette. And then butchered it many months later because I wasn’t using most of it. And then recently-ish threw out the blues and greens because I never wear them. Solution? Either I shouldn’t have bought it or sold it.

I am also the person who hoards skincare, because what if my skin type suddenly changes? Then I’ll have nothing! Gasp! But seriously, I should probably get rid of some of it.

I am also the person who buys purple lipstick because this one is different! It’s warmer than most, therefore it must work on me. That’s wrong, so wrong.

Are you seeing where I’m getting at here? I’m sure most of us have bought things because they were pretty and we’re totally going to use that bright Barbie pink lipstick all the time, right?

Well, no.

The other side to it, something I’ve never really gotten on board with or done, is buying something for what I wish I was. So buying a light coverage foundation(because that’s what I was looking for) for when I finally get my skin looking nice. I’ve never kidded myself, my skin will always have some problem I’ll want to cover up. By the time I get my acne under control, I’ll have wrinkles and sun spots. And if not those, then something else. Plus, at what point will I consider my skin ‘good enough’ to wear a light coverage or even no foundation? When my active acne is gone? When the scars are gone? When my skin tone is more even? Who knows when that will happen, so I know to buy for what I want today rather than tomorrow.

I’ve also seen people buying something because it fits into a certain aesthetic they want to become part of. Like buying the Urban Decay Naked 3 because you want to effortless rosie look for everyday wear when you have never used eyeshadow before. Or buying liquid liner for your wings when you have 8 minutes to get ready in the morning and you know wings take 9 and a half. Or buying a super bright blush when you always reach for the same shade in every blush line or blush palette you own.

If we were really conscious of what we were buying, we would never fall into the hype of these things. We would only buy makeup that we will actually use, rather than buying some stuff for the ‘what-ifs’ that may never happen.

So here’s to going forward and buying stuff that we know we will use today and tomorrow, rather than buying something to put off till tomorrow.


Featured image from here.


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