Birthday Haul: Makeup Class by Jean-Francois CD

Welcome to a post I’ve been wanting to make for over a week, but I just kept finding things that I wanted to buy. As a result, I have to break it up into a few parts. I got some stuff on ridiculously good clearance at Rexall, Shoppers, Dollorama, a lot of different Winners/Marshalls and some stuff from a makeup class I went to on my birthday. I thought of doing it all in one post, but it would be incredibly long and have nothing other than pictures and a list of product names. Instead, a more in depth look at what I got, why, and what I wanted it for!

First up is the makeup class I attended!

This was my third time attending a class by Jean-Francois CD. I attended his first class, which was more of a ‘watch me put makeup on someone and tell you about it’ than a class. Then this past February I went to his first round of makeup classes where he shows you how to do your own makeup on yourself, which was awesome. This time was an advanced class, with most products being higher end things from Sephora and the like. It was wonderful and was a great afternoon. I much preferred this one over the last two since it was meant for us who know what were doing but want some new tips and tricks that we may not have seen before. Plus, trying out a whole bunch of new products to me was really interesting. Now, onto the goodie bag!


In no particular order and not what is in the picture, here are the products.

First off is two nail polishes from Sally Hansen from their Miracle Gel line. It’s the top coat, which I already have from last time and a colour called Let’s Get Digital #669. There was another colour that I gave away and I regret not trying to push these onto other people more since I’ll never use them, but I’m sure I have a friend who would love these.

Another nail product is the ImPress One-Step Gel Press-on Manicure. No clue what the shade name is, but they’re a matte black with leopard print accent nails. They look nice enough, but I will probably pass them onto a friend as well.

A very cute and very functional product is Cocolab Dry Shampoo. I recently finished another scent of this(which you can see in my empties post), but for the life of, me I can’t remember much about it. I don’t hate it but hopefully, this one leaves a better impression.

Another thing I love is the Bioderma Micellar Water. I have another deluxe sample of the same size that I have yet to open because I’m finishing up a larger size of a different version of the same product, but I know I love this and it is patiently waiting for me to open it.

Continuing with the skin care trend, there’s actually a bunch, is the Karine Joncas Dermo-lift Corrective Eye Patch. I’ve only ever tried eye patches once and was not particularly impressed but I’m keeping an open mind. Though realistically, I know they probably won’t do much.

Another mask-like thing is the 7th Heaven Dead Sea Mud Pac. I love these and it works out perfectly that this is for oily skin, which I conveniently have. My only gripe is that there’s usually enough for more than one mask but you can’t reseal the package.

Last mask is the Origins Clear Improvements mask. I actually have a full size of this a few years ago but wasn’t able to really come to a firm conclusion before it expired. I have been wanting to try it again since I’m not much more versed in the skincare world, so we’ll see how it goes.

Something I’m really excited to try is the Elle-R Looky Scrub. It’s a body scrub made from coffee beans and is supposed to reduce cellulite. While I really don’t think it’s going to do a darned thing about cellulite, I do think it will be nice and exfoliating. I just checked and it does smell of coffee but also really, really fruity. Kind of pleasant but also awful. I’m slightly more concerned now.

Biotherm gave us a full size of their Lait Solaire Corps, an SPF 30 sunscreen that is supposed to melt into your skin. I’m am in.

MUFE  gave us a sample of the HD Skin Booster, which I don’t actually know what its supposed to do. It’s says its a hydra-plump serum so I assume it’s a very hydrating serum, which in that case I will save for the winter.

Last skincare product is a combo. Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Moisturizer, Time in a Bottle Serum and Purity Cleanser. All three are things I’ve heard about and have vaguely wanted to try, so here we go.

A large item is the Becca First Light Priming Filter. It’s a glowy primer with a purple tint that does give a bit of a glow. I can see myself using this for light coverage days since my day to day foundation is full coverage and completely neutralizes anything this does. I am still excited to really try it though.

A fun item is a pair of Kiss lashes in Shy. I’m still trying to work out how I actually put them on my eyes, but practice makes perfect.

Another eye product is the Uban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Of course, this comes not long after I buy another eye primer, but oh well. If that one sucks, I know this one is good.

Second to last is the Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Metal in Brains n’ Bronze. It’s pretty, but I’m not much of a liquid lipstick person but I will give it a shot before potentially passing it on.

And last is a very luxurious item, the YSL Vinyl Cream in 404. It’s a pretty peachy colour that does really stain your lips, but I did find it a little drying after a few hours when I wore it. More testing needs to be done.

Wow, that’s a lot. If you’ve made it to the end, kudos to you! Let me know if you’re tried any of this stuff and what you thought, I’m curious!


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