Show Me That Pan: Update #5

It’s been a while since I’ve shown what I’ve hit pan on and I do have a lot of new things. Even some eyeshadows!

You can see my previous update here.


First up, the stuff that I still haven’t finished.

Vasanti Cape Town Brow Powder is still going strong, but now with more pan! I basically have a ‘t’ in it, which is a big difference from last time. It’ll still be around for a long time. A very long time.

Sonia Kashuk Eye On Neutral- 02 is still holding strong, except that the white shade is completely gone and the pan on the brown is bigger. Woo!

The rest of things have either been finished or decluttered, so the rest is all new things.

MUFE shadow, the white with the pink shift has a fairly decent sized pan on it but it just won’t die. I feel like it’s going to be around forever.

Kat Von D Mid Vida Loca Purple has a tiny bit of pan on it that I haven’t touched much lately. I hit pan on it when I had purple hair last fall/winter, which I’m back to now, and I would put it in my brows. If I start doing that again who knows how much I can use up!

The Balm Brow Pow in Light Brown. I use this in conjunction with the Vasanti brow powder, in the front of my brow for a softer look. Fairly decent sized pan on it for a brow powder, but again, this will be around forever.

Nars Paloma is so close to being done I’ve repressed it about 4 times now, mostly since a lot of it was pressed up on the sides last time, but since I’m using it as a bronzer and my crease shade, it’s going fast.

Cover FX Pressed Mineral Powder in G20 has a bit of pan on it from being used to set my eye primer, but this will be around for a long time. It’s too dark for my face but it functions as an eye primer setting powder. As almost any powder will.

Covergirl Advanced Radiance Pressed Powder in 105 Ivory. I use this to set my under eyes, at the recommendation of GlamLifeGuru, or Tati or whatever, since she would always rave about it when I used to watch her channel. It’s okay, but I’ve barely had it 2 months and I already hit pan.

Now for the exciting part! I hit pan on two eyeshadows that I wasn’t even trying to pan! First is Venetian Red from the ever famous Anastasia Modern Renaissance. It’s not surprising since the formula is so soft, which I personally enjoy a lot, so I’m both pleased and disappointed since I love the shade but it’s not available as a single, as far as I know.

Second is Rose Quartz from the Lorac Mega Pro 3. It’s my favourite shade, so I have the same feelings that the Modern Renaissance gives me. But damn is this a nice shade.

Thank you for reading till the end, especially since there is quite a few things in here. What have you hit pan on recently?


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