A Little Haul

I know I said I wouldn’t be buying too much for a little while, but we all have these moments where our conviction leaves us and we slip up. But, Shoppers was having a points weekend, something I wanted to buy at the VIB sale went out of stock and I was running low on something I use a lot. There, now it’s justified!

If you don’t live in Canada, Shopper’s is our national chain drugstore that sells makeup. It’s on the pricier end of things, but most things are here anyway. But, their rewards program is one of the best. Better than Sephora by far and most other points systems. Usually every weekend there’s some deal where you spend X dollars and get X amount of points extra or something similar. This past weekend was a spend 75$, get 18,500 points, which is 25$ worth of Optimum points. So really, it’s a good deal.

Now, the thing I went in for specifically was the Stila Written in the Stars Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye Shadow Set. Yup, it’s those gorgeous glitters that everyone loves but in little adorable bottles. It’s 33$ for three colours, Diamond Dust, Kitten Karma and Smoky Storm. I was curious about the formula, enough that I told myself that if there was going to be a set of them, I’d buy it. Low and behold, there were 2! I knew the bigger one would be a mistake for me, but 3 is just perfect. My plan was to buy it at the VIB sale in November, but they went out of stock and I really wanted them by that point, so Shoppers it was.

Since I want in on those bonus points, I had to buy a little more. I went with the Stila Eye Shadow  in Kitten. The iconic shade that I actually panned a few years ago and would find myself reminiscing about time and again. I always told myself that once I finished my other champagne eyeshadows I would buy this one, but this was the perfect opportunity to buy it. And it’s every bit as wonderful as I remember it being.

Last are two of the Neutrogena makeup wipes. I’ve bought them over nd over again since I know they work. I debated buying something else, but since I know they work, why bother? And they were on sale, so hello 10$ of savings!

That’s it for my small haul and Shoppers gushing. Thanks for reading!


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