25 By 25: Introduction

Now that my Project 100 Pan is over and done with, I need something new to focus on! I really loved this longer project pan as I was able to get so much out of my collection and see some really good use of products that I just wasn’t reaching for. To give myself a bit of a break this year, I thought I’d do a project that was a bit shorter but still quite a few months away. After I saw someone on r/makeuprehab post a project on finishing 25 products by the time they are 25, I knew that was where I would go this year.

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Show Me That Pan: Update #5

It’s been a while since I’ve shown what I’ve hit pan on and I do have a lot of new things. Even some eyeshadows!

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Thirteen by Halloween 2017: Update #1

Welcome back to my Thirteen by Halloween 2017 challenge, which is going pretty well! Despite the fact that the past couple of weeks I haven’t worn makeup as much, this whole working 7-3 is not conducive to wearing makeup, but I’ve made some good progress. Continue reading “Thirteen by Halloween 2017: Update #1”

Imaginary Challenge: Cruelty-Free Products

Welcome to a brand new series that involves me doing next to nothing with my actual makeup collection, but a lot with my imaginary one. And not my imaginary, every single makeup item in the world collection, but a possible ‘let’s see’ version of what I already have. I’m not sure what other kinds of things I can do with this, but I’m hoping it can be a once in a while series on here. Continue reading “Imaginary Challenge: Cruelty-Free Products”

Valentine’s Red: 5 Product Challenge

Starting off the year on a good foot, here’s my first challenge!

I’m sure someone somewhere has come up with an idea like this already, but if not, here it is. The challenge is to get some use out of red coloured products. Lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows, whatever you have that is red. Luckily enough, I have something red in all of those categories and more. Continue reading “Valentine’s Red: 5 Product Challenge”