End of the Year Declutter 2017

For round 2 of the end of the year round-ups, it’s a small declutter!  I won’t go on about this too much, I’ll leave that for other posts.

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Declutter: May 2017

I finally found some time to sit down and look at my makeup collection, and I took a real hard look at it. There are some products I’ve had sitting around for a while, hinting that they wanted to leave but I always say I’ll use them, I really will! And then I never do.

So today I’m going to show some products I decided to declutter and the reason why. At some point in the future, I will talk about all the nitty gritty involved in decluttering, but until then this will give you an idea of how I go about it.

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March 2016 Destash

IMG_1687.JPGI am very predictable in my destashing. I can swatch everything and compare till the cows come home, but I will keep things even if I don’t need to. And then I have a bad day and the need to do good by my stash hits and I swatch everything and get rid of the stuff I haven’t touched since last swatching and comparing it. And then the cycle continues.

I got rid of a bunch of lip products, either close enough dupes or stuff that I just won’t use. I’ll try and sell things on my makeupexchange post or see if a friend would want it, but it’s not staying in my stash. Even if I’ve never worn it and it’s just sat in my stash, it’s going. I want options damn it, not the same thing in 10 different bullets and tubes.

Even though I still have well over 10 red lipsticks, but they all look slightly different swatched!

The Great January Lipstick Purge

It was time. After complaining to myself for the umpteenth time about how many lipsticks I had, I finally went through everything. Which I’ve done before but I’ve always kept things even when I know I have better dupes because I could find a reason. The Sonia Kashuk red that looks like all my other reds? But I can’t get Sonia Kashuk anymore! Those pretty NYX ones? They’re dupes for other high-end lipsticks! I always had an excuse as to why I wanted to keep them but I have finally quieted down the lipstick demon. Well, I still have over 150 lip products, but still. Continuous improvement.

In the first picture is lip glosses and liquid lipstick type things. I’m not a fan of lipgloss in general, especially this time of year. Generally to sheer, too sticky and too others things that are bad.

As for the lipsticks, they are either full on actual dupes or just colours I don’t use or sheer lipsticks. Some of them are really great, but in general, they’re cheaper drugstore stuff that I just don’t ever use. No point in keeping things that just won’t ever get used.

So there will be passed on to friends or sold or disposed of. Goodbye pretty lip colours.