Monday Mask: Goodal Raspberry Infused Honey Milk Sheet Mask

After a hard day of work, sheet masks are always the best way to unwind and take a break.  Continue reading “Monday Mask: Goodal Raspberry Infused Honey Milk Sheet Mask”


Mask Month: Day 4

Are you tired of this yet, because I’m just tired in general. The urge to go back to bed as strong today but I am here. I wanted something moisturizing after all the clay masks I’ve done, something maybe glowy. So I went for glowy.

Today’s mask is the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask. Short, and sweet, and to the point. I like it. It is said to provide deep cleansing and pore minimization, it will detox the skin and eliminate dead cells and stimulate cell renewal. It’s supposed to be like a chemical peel but without the downtime. Doubtful, but we shall see.

It has a slightly thick gel texture that spreads really easily. It has a fragrance, but I can’t put my finger on what that is,  but maybe something warm? This is why I don’t talk about perfume. After a few minutes it seems to dry down to a weird sort of clay mask feeling but still incredibly shiny. Like I just applied moisturizer.

So after leaving it on for a half hour, it comes off very easily. My skin does look glowy and fells sort of soft, but some parts have that really dry feeling,

Overall, I give this mask a 5/10 would not mask again. I wouldn’t say no to another free sample, but I would not spend the 58$ price tag for it.

Mask Month: Day 3

I really did not want t get up for this, but here I am.

Today’s mask is the Paulas Choice Skin Balancing Oil-Absorbing Mask. I’ve had this for a few months when I ordered a billion samples from them and just have not used it. Haven’t been too impressed with their stuff, but maybe that will change today. It’ supposed to absorb excess oil, reduce enlarged pores and blackheads and smooth rough, uneven skin.

It has a thin consistency, not as thick as most clay masks. It has the typical off white colour with no scent that I can tell. the foil sachet had just enough for a whole face if spread in a thin layer and I was able to get everywhere. It does dry to the typical dry mask where you can’t even smile.

It dries down by the end and removal is fairly easy for a clay mask. After, my skin feels tight and dry but that’s about it. Fairly average, did what I expected it to do.

I give them 5/10 would not mask again. It’s just average, unless I don’t get oily all day and all night, I wouldn’t purchase this.

I will say, kudos to yesterday’s mask, my skin felt so soft and smooth this morning.