Sephora Rewards Bazaar: Ole Henriksen Morning Essentials

I actually managed to score one of the coveted rewards from the Rewards Bazaar! I got the email and immediately got on to Sephora and saw that the Ole Henriksen reward was still available and snagged it. So keep reading for my thoughts on this reward as well as some info on the Sephora Rewards Bazaar.

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Review: Mini Mint Palettes

My first Review! And it’s not even makeup…

But it is related!

I’m going to kick off my collection reviews with some of my favourite things. My MiniMint Palettes.

You can purchase them here.

MiniMint Palettes are essentially just like the famous Z palettes you here about. An empty palette with a magnetic base you can stop all sorts of depotted products. The unique part is how they are made. They are all handmade by the owner with each palette having a unique design. About once a week or so she will post 10 palettes and when they are gone, they are gone. They come in 3 different sizes; the Mini Square that is 3×3, the Mint Square that is 4×4 and the MiniMint that is 6×4.

The gist of this post is: I love these.

I bought my first one, the larger blue one, because I wanted to depot my Benefit blush palette from 2014. It was reasonably priced and the perfect size. Then I got the smallest one because I wanted something to store my everyday favourites. The I got my third so I had something to travel with.

All three are made with the same quality and are durable and easy to clean. I’ve had my first for almost a year and still looks brand new.

The sizes are also fairly good. They fit all I really want to fit into them and are easy to store.

Ordering from them was easy peasy and generally pretty fast, takes about 2 weeks to reach me here in Ottawa. It is shipped in a bubble mailer with lots and lots of bubble wrap. Very sturdy and secure.

Something unique is that you also get a little stamp card that when you fill out with 10 stamps(one for each palette) you get 1 free! I’m slowly working on that. She also adds some cute extras, like stickers or earrings or false lashes.

If you’ve wanted a Z palette but wanted something a little smaller, these are perfect for you. Cute, portable and durable, these palettes are the perfect addition to your collection.