Thirteen By Halloween 2017: Update #2

With just over a month till this project ends, I thought I should give you an update!

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Palette A Week: June 12-18 2017

I’m starting another series, what a surprise! Please don’t actually be surprised, I change my mind and start new things at the drop of a hat. It might be because I caught a nasty cold recently, or I just hit a good streak, but I’ve been surprisingly creative and productive the past three days. It might have also been from the fact that I had no plans this weekend plus a sick day on Friday, but I am slamming things out. So let’s start this one! Continue reading “Palette A Week: June 12-18 2017”

Imaginary Challenge: Cruelty-Free Products

Welcome to a brand new series that involves me doing next to nothing with my actual makeup collection, but a lot with my imaginary one. And not my imaginary, every single makeup item in the world collection, but a possible ‘let’s see’ version of what I already have. I’m not sure what other kinds of things I can do with this, but I’m hoping it can be a once in a while series on here. Continue reading “Imaginary Challenge: Cruelty-Free Products”

Valentine’s Red: 5 Product Challenge

Starting off the year on a good foot, here’s my first challenge!

I’m sure someone somewhere has come up with an idea like this already, but if not, here it is. The challenge is to get some use out of red coloured products. Lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows, whatever you have that is red. Luckily enough, I have something red in all of those categories and more. Continue reading “Valentine’s Red: 5 Product Challenge”

13 By Halloween: Update #1

And finally an update! I’ve been meaning to update this for a while, so it’s nice I’m finally able to. First up, I lost a couple things during my move. I have o idea what happened to them and I have not found them. I also finished one product up, so I just replaced them with something of the same category. Let’s go! Continue reading “13 By Halloween: Update #1”