Empties 2017: Year End Review

The year has come to an end and my year of hoarding my beauty trash is over. Well, I’ll still do the same next year, but at least I can finally get rid of what I’ve collected this year. I have a small container with my Project 100 Pan items and a large cloth Sephora bag with everything else,. Both are completely full, so it’s great timing that the year is over! This post is totalling up everything I’ve finished, though none of the products from my Project 100 Pan are in the photo. Continue reading “Empties 2017: Year End Review”


Empties: September 2017

Another month gone, another empties post to make. Part of me is still surprised at the end of the month to see just how much stuff I’ve finished over 30 days. I remember finishing all of them, but there’s just something about seeing all of them together that still astounds me after all this time. Especially when there’s a powder product in there!

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Empties: January 2017

Part of me doesn’t want to believe that January is already over, didn’t school just start up again? Apparently not, especially since I have a few empties to show. Normally I do an empties post every three months, but since I’m updating my Project 100 Pan every month I thought I would do a normal empties as well. This way I can see how much I use every month in everything else from my collection.

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Empties: October-December 2016 + Year End Review

Welcome to my final empties post of 2016, in 2017. I’m lazy and late, but it’s here, along with a year-end recap. I did some amazing things this year with my collection and used up a ton of old things. And I had some unexpected surprises! Also, apologies for no photo this time, I typed out my list nd then promptly threw them out before I remembered to take a picture. Whoopsies! Continue reading “Empties: October-December 2016 + Year End Review”

Second Quarter Empties: April – June 2016

IMG_2020So somehow half the year has gone by which means empties time! I’ve wanted to do his for about a month or so since my bag has been overflowing so I’m really happy it’s finally time to go through everything.

Lots of stuff in the same category was used as I’m prepping to move in less than 2 weeks! So I decided to use up as many sample and deluxe sized things so I can get them out of my collection and just not have to move them. And now, I’m getting rid of the trash. Continue reading “Second Quarter Empties: April – June 2016”

First Quarter Empties: January-March 2016

I’m always so impressed when I see peoples empties posts and videos. So much stuff, so many products used up! Makes me question what I’m doing wrong, since I barely have any in a three month period. But I have been using up products and actually using things. It just takes a while, or so I tell myself. Onto the empties!


In some vague fashion, here are my thoughts and strong opinions:

  1. Almay Oil Free Gentle Makeup Remover Towllettes– I really liked these! They were nice, moist and gentle. They removed my makeup as well as any other but I really liked how wet they are, which is a must have for me. I have no repurchased yet, but they are on the pricey side, so probably won’t repurchase unless there’s a crazy sale.
  2. Sephora Instant Moisturizer(sample)- I liked this but not enough to pay for it.
  3. Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Intense Hydrating Treatment(sample)- This was okay, I really don’t remember it so it clearly wasn’t life changing. Will not purchase this.
  4. Stila Stay All Day Precision Glide Bro Pencil in Auburn- I really liked this, though the colour was a tad warm once my hair grew out. I won’t repurchase just because I’ve found something I like just as much for a lot less, but I would consider it again perhaps. Definitely a really god product and takes forever to finish so that’s a plus.
  5. The Face Shop Herb Day Lip & Eye Makeup Remover Wipes- Really good wipes, very wet but they have a terrible taste. They work really well, but I prefer a big wipe for my whole face rather than something just for my eyes and lips. Won’t purchase, but would not complain to get more of these in the advent calendar again.
  6. Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel(sample)- I feel like I’m repeating myself, but I liked this. I won’t buy it since I have a bunch of cleansers to go through and like something better, but it works rather well. Doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight and cleansers very nicely.
  7. Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector- This does mattify but also really feels drying on the skin. Definitely not recommended for the non-oily parts of your face. I won’t repurchase, I prefer the MUFE one, which is similar but less drying.
  8. The Face Shop Chia Seed Moisturizing Lotion- Technically not finished since I put it into another bottle so I could actually use it, but I have used it on my face and didn’t like it, so I’m using it on my body. Won’t purchase.
  9. Lancome Bi-Facil(sample)- Cult classic that was just meh for me. It worked, but it felt oily and got in my eyes. Won’t purchase.
  10. Becca Boudoir Skin Mineral Powder in Bliss-  Got this at Winners one day, it was alright. Not the best colour match but not far off and did nothing for my oil. Won’t repurchase.
  11. ELF Daily Brush Cleaner- Love this stuff to spot clean, I just need to use it more often. It spot cleans my brushes beautifully. Have repurchased and will continue to repurchase.
  12. Clinique Take The Day Off Remover(sample)- Similar to the Lancome remover, worked well but a little oily for my eyes. Won’t purchase.
  13. Formula X for Sephora Delete- Love this a lot, especially the packaging, which is similar to the Julep remover. Will repurchase ASAP.
  14. Essential Elements Body Lotion- This smells so strongly of patchouli that I couldn’t finish it. Very moisturizing and the smell last for a while, but just smells awful. Will never buy.
  15. L’Oreal Infallible Makeup Extender Spray- I think it worked but I never really paid attention. I’m bad at that. There’s still a bit of product left but the spray doesn’t work very well anymore, spraying droplets instead of a nice spray. Might repurchase.
  16. Avene Cleanance Expert- Really nicely hydrating, slightly helps with my acne, this is my second bottle and have just opened a third. Will repurchase.
  17. Clinique Moisture Surge- I like this, it moisturizes without asking me oily, I think. I might repurchase when I’ve made it through my stash of moisturizers in about 2 years time.
  18. Beauty Blender- It was time for it to go, I have repurchased and will continue to repurchase till something stupendously amazing comes along to unseat this from its pedestal. Nothing in my tools collection does what this does and you may need to pry it from my cold, dead hands.
  19. Hourglass Femme Rouge in Grace(sample)- This is my favourite nude lipstick. The colour is gorgeous and I can’t seem to dupe it in a better formula, though a Rimmel one from their nude line comes close. The formula is a little slippery and settles into fine lines, I can forgive it for the colour. Not a terrible formula by any means, but I really want to find the colour in a longer lasting formula. Will be purchasing ASAP.
  20. Marc Jacobs Precision Pen Eyeliner in Blacquer(sample)- Really liked this, but I don’t want to know the price. Will not purchase unless every other pen eyeliners decide to discontinue themselves all at once. But still very nice eyeliner.
  21. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Opal(sample)- This is wonderful. Love the Becca Highlighters, Holy Grail for me. The colour not as much, Opal is just a tad dark for me, but absolutely gorgeous during the summer when I’m a bit more tan. Might repurchase, but I prefer other colours in the range.
  22. Benefit Bronzer in Hoola(sample)- Holy Grail, love this thing. I have another sample of it before I buy it on its own, and I have others bronzers to finish first, but this is s nice on my skin. Will purchase in probably 3 years when my other bronzers are panned.

Magically, that’s it. A whopping 22 things are gone from my collection, which makes me so happy. I pan three different powder products which is a huge thing for me since I’ve never done that before, so pat on the back for me. I just hope I can replicate that in the next three months.