PC Points Haul

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Haul: Essence

So in February, I spent a bit of money on makeup. I’m talking 10$, but that’s still something. Was it a bad choice? Yup, definitely. Do I regret some of it? Yes. Am I going to beat myself up over it? Not a chance.


Here they are in all their glory. So impressive, am I right?

The first two things are pretty similar so I’ll talk about them together. They’re both colours correctors, one for dark circles(the peach one on the left) and one for redness(the green one on the right). I like the idea of both of them and really want to learn the whole colour correcting craze that’s popular right now, but I don’t think these will help. They’re both thick and don’t blend very well and don’t seem to mesh well with something on top of them. So not too impressed so far.

Next is the Liquid Lipstick on the bottom right. No clue what the colour name is, the bottle has nothing on it. Shitty packaging choice Essence. It’s more of a thick gloss than a liquid lipstick and does not dry down. Pretty colour, but just very average and boring product. I knew I wouldn’t like it when I saw it first, and I did manage to resist it once, but now I know.

The last product is the Make Me Brow.  Also known as my favourite new thing. This is what I wanted the L’Oreal Brow Stylist to do. It’s small, dark and actually gives your brow some oumf. And your brows feel so soft with it. This had better become part of the core collection because it is fantastic. I need 20 of them. The only downside to it is that there are only 2 shades so far, so if you’re not either an ashy blonde or a dark brunette, you’re screwed. But, I do believe this is a dupe for the Benefit Gimme Brow and I think that may come in more colours.

So not a complete fail, but the brow mascara is the only thing saving it. I love how cheap Essence products are but that makes it so much more tempting when I see their displays. It’s hard to resist when it’s just so cheap. I’m working on it.