Thirteen by Halloween 2017: Update #1

Welcome back to my Thirteen by Halloween 2017 challenge, which is going pretty well! Despite the fact that the past couple of weeks I haven’t worn makeup as much, this whole working 7-3 is not conducive to wearing makeup, but I’ve made some good progress. Continue reading “Thirteen by Halloween 2017: Update #1”

Palette Trouble

Ever looked at a palette and thought: “That’s the greatest eyeshadow palette ever!” and then proceeded to continue to buy other palettes? I’ve fallen for this trap many a time, but a recent post on r/makeuprehab made me think about this a little more. While that user talked about how we pan the lighter shades easy peasy and then are left with darker shades and no hope of finishing them, I delve a little more into why we buy palettes and maybe why we shouldn’t in the future. I hope to offer some alternatives to getting that makeup fix. Read on! Continue reading “Palette Trouble”